2003 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family

King Boreas Rex LXVII - Dick Kedrowski
Queen of the Snow - Amanda Melquist

Prime Minister is Greg Sheehan
Prince of the North Wind - Michael Long
Princess of the North Wind - Lauren Quintus
Prince of the East Wind - Tom Meyers
Princess of the East Wind - Janna Larson
Prince of the West Wind - Scott Tousignant
Princess of the West Wind - Erin Gebhart
Prince of the South Wind - Steve Cortinas
Princess of the South Wind - Aimee Lynn Olson
Captain of the King's Guard - Rob Fee
Sergeant of the King's Guard - Tracy Leach
King's Guards - Rob Schicket, Jim Sunderlin and Peter Farrell
Klondike Kate - Kimberly Tsoukalas

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